Montag, 30. August 2010

Hans Peter Geerdes: Oden (1773)


This one is going out to everybody in the place!
We’re not the monkeys, but we’ve got the key!
What is essential? It’s invisible to the eye!
It’s only with the heart, that you can see rightly...
Love in a woman’s heart
I wanna have the whole and not a part
Strange that this feeling grows more and more
‘Cause I’ve never loved someone like you before
Respect to the man in the icecream van!!!

She’s the sun
Morning, noon and night
my thoughts run circles without any purpose
I cannot stand no more – it’s like a circus
I want to repeat, there’s nothing wrong I’ve done
She’s the sun
If I think of the past life is so fast
those memories keep alive and I will survive
even if I’m here and left without
is there any secret? Do you think we`ll keep it?

Move your ass
Get off your shirts and wait for further instructions
I’ve got one message for the next decade:
It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

3 AM!
The painted cow!
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane.
It must be Dave who’s on the train.

Aiii shot the DJ
We’re coming at ya
Like Cleopatra.
We’re coming through
Do what’cha do
Bow shalak
Where is da Punani?
Under my skin
Can’t you see I’m horny

Faster Harder Scooter
No more fiction, go back to reality
It’s the message, so listen and you will see
No illusion, the spirit is what you feel

How much is the fish?
It’s the first page of the second chapter!
I want you back so clean up the dish.
By the way, how much is the fish?!!
How much is the fish?!!
Here we go, here we go, here we go again!!
Sunshine in the air!!

Jumping all over the world
Every minute, every hour
got the power, take a shower,
I’ve got the money,
I’ve got the place,
You’ve got the figure
You’ve got the face,
Let’s get together,

The question is what is the question

How do you do
Uh huh
I thought why not
Na na
Na na
Just me and you
How do you do
Uh huh
I thought why not
Na na
Na na
Just me and you and then we can
Na na
Na na
Just like before and you will say
Na na
Na na
Please give me more and you
Won’t let you go
Me got the flow
Mash up the show

Zebras crossing the street
Leaving the whole week behind
stop the trouble, open your mind.
Is it the life you want to live?
Clear up your mind, zebras crossing the street,
loosing control, everything is in your hand!
Running around, down the street,
buying some frozen food, put it in a fridge.
Turn up the music louder.
Thank god it‘s friday ...

And no matches
Alright, listen
Three men in a boat with four cigarettes
And no matches
How do they manage to smoke
Here we go again
Coffee isn’t my cup of tea

Fuck the Millenium
There’s Rick, there’s Axel and there’s me
I’m the candyman, also known as Dave, Dave from Sheffield
Furthermore known as the screaming lord.
I walk the line, the line between good and evil.
This is the energy ridding your face.
The next, the next attack, the next, the next attack, get prepared,
the next, next, the next attack, get prepared, the next, next, the next attack.
Alright, leave me alone guys!

There’s nothing, there’s nothing more to say.

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